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Nepal’s stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and diverse wildlife makes it one of world’s great travel destinations. With its iconic trail to the Everest, Annapurnas and beyond, makes it the ultimate goal for mountain lovers. Then you have the adrenaline kicking offbeat motorcycle and 4×4 expeditions to the rugged Mustang valley. For the refined travel, you can witness the sunset over the mountain peaks strolling through Kathmandu, Pokhra, Bhaktapur, etc.

Nepal is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with several UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the famous temples of Kathmandu and the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini. Visitors can experience the country’s diverse culture through its festivals, which are celebrated with great enthusiasm and color. The wildlife of Nepal is equally captivating, with the country being home to several endangered species.

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Visa Requirements

Visa is needed

Languages spoken

Hindi, English

Currency used

Nepalese Rupee