Suranjiv Bhuyan

Founder - Director

A curious “traveller”, who enjoys visiting unique locations and experiencing different cultures and cuisines; is a sports enthusiast, and is always up for an adventure. After 12 years in the corporate sector, in leading Banking and Insurance corporate houses, he made the difficult decision to leave behind his thriving career in pursuit of his passion for travel, adventure and a new perspective on the world. He has travelled extensively since then and visited some of the most beautiful destinations, embracing their culture and savouring their cuisines. He emerges himself in the places to which he travels and loves to explore the local drinks and beverages. He is a seasoned motorcycle rider, been on solo and group expeditions across the South East Asian countries, India, and Bhutan, and is a member of the prestigious Rhino Riders Motorcycle Club. He has been a Speaker in Sports Conclaves organised by Ministry of Sports and Youth Welfare and different other platforms. He is also passionate about eco-tourism, trekking, fitness activities and running. He is always seeking out new experiences to see the world in a new and exciting light.


Partha Pratim Choudhury

Co-Founder - Director

Partha is a motorcycling and adventure enthusiast, certified Life Coach & fitness professional, having exceptional people skills with a zest for life and new experiences. With his flair for public speaking, remarkable people skills and leadership qualities he was able to scale up the corporate ladder and has addressed audiences of over 500 professionals in a number of regional and national conferences. He quit his successful career to follow his passion. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, he founded the Rhino Riders Club in 2010 to fuel his passion for adventure and biking. He has been on group and solo expeditions across the plains and mountains of India, Nepal, Bhutan and South East Asian countries. He is passionate about spirituality & staying fit – physically and mentally. An internationally certified Life Coach, he is actively involved in counselling sportsmen and women to attain mental toughness skills. His repertoire includes cricketers, shooters, martial artists, social celebrities and actors. Whether it’s hitting the open road on his motorcycle or coaching others to achieve their goals, he leads a balanced life of adventure, social development and people oriented service skills.